Go Green WNY – SEO Marketing Has Moved:

Hello – This is just a quick post, to give you a notice as to why you are finding a “blank” page here.

I decided to split my blogs up – at this moment you are seeing a “blank” blog because this is a brand new fresh start to a blog. You can find all my old blogs and my SEO/Marketing – Go Green information at www.gogreenhawk.wordpress.com

I will be posting here about my art work and art work, techniques in the art world, events I am attending, leading, and that I find interesting.

Thanks for visiting and and below you will see the Computer Painting I promised you today. Safe Surfing, Healthy Marketing, and Many Blessings!

abstract computer painting -
abstract computer painting –

Author: From The Beak of a Hawk

I am Trinton “TrinityHawk” Garrett, I am a guy just like every other guy. I run two businesses a freelance art business where I create Multimedia art and Indie book covers. I also am a writer of short stories, poetry, and and have been published in different alternative magazines. I suffer of chronic pain aliment Fibromyalgia and Lower back issue, as well as, a few other life time and past trails I have had to face which have made me stronger and I won't say made my life a better life, because that is all BS, but it has made me wiser. I try to use all these experiences to educate people in order to prevent the younger generation from having to suffer with and through as much. https://www.facebook.com/Trinton.TrinityHawk http://society6.com/trintongarrett

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