Yin – Yang Twins… 11/365

Through Thick and Thin they grow - Wind and Fire  Elements.
Through Thick and Thin they grow – Wind and Fire Elements.

Our beautiful Girls – We love you very much. Fire and Wind – Two elements which when together they stroke each others energy into great intensity.

These girls have grown up together, gotten into trouble together, gotten each other out of trouble, they have stuck together through thick and thin. They are both growing up to be very bright, responsible, beautiful young ladies that I am one proud pops! I would give anything for these girls!

Author: From The Beak of a Hawk

I am Trinton “TrinityHawk” Garrett, I am a guy just like every other guy. I run two businesses a freelance art business where I create Multimedia art and Indie book covers. I also am a writer of short stories, poetry, and and have been published in different alternative magazines. I suffer of chronic pain aliment Fibromyalgia and Lower back issue, as well as, a few other life time and past trails I have had to face which have made me stronger and I won't say made my life a better life, because that is all BS, but it has made me wiser. I try to use all these experiences to educate people in order to prevent the younger generation from having to suffer with and through as much. https://www.facebook.com/Trinton.TrinityHawk http://society6.com/trintongarrett

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