She Turned One!

TrinityHawk Photography & Multimedia had a new photo shoot last Saturday with a lovely little one year old but it wasn’t just a one day shoot, it never is, when I have a shoot it starts with a free consultation. meeting then I spend a week preparing the studio.  Planning and making the backdrops be they digital or actual backdrops. In this case my intern and I designed a special backdrop for our little client. We painted the letters O.N.E in yellow – L.I.L.A in pink. with a vine in the middle to give her background will be personalized and a touch of fantasy.



Our little client and her parents came to us for a birthday shoot, to celebrate her first year of birth. She had several changes and her mom brought some special prompts.  Such as a Micky and Minnie mice dolls and a Sabers Tiger to show their support for the Buffalo Sabers.  We used some of my prompts, Miss Lila loved my rubber ducks and blocks. She loves Tutus and her mom creates them so we captured her in a few of them for her birthday shoot.




Miss Lila was such a good little model.  She is a tiny little girl, yet so very smart.  So, here are some sneak Peeks of the photos we took that day.

ImageWe had a few moments of sadness and crying but even those pictures came out cute because our little model was just so cute!  Love working with little ones and showcasing their personalities from happy to sad. From their love of tutus to rubber duckies. Setting up personalized shoots either in the studio or on location at their home or in parks, perhaps even along Main st Imageat the different fountains and points of interest, along with their mom and dad, or even their siblings. I sometimes even snap a shot as they come in or as they get ready to leave.  You never know what to expect.

Until Next Time; Safe Surfing, Healthy Marketing, and Many Blessings:

Trinton “TrinityHawk” Garrett

Author: From The Beak of a Hawk

I am Trinton “TrinityHawk” Garrett, I am a guy just like every other guy. I run two businesses a freelance art business where I create Multimedia art and Indie book covers. I also am a writer of short stories, poetry, and and have been published in different alternative magazines. I suffer of chronic pain aliment Fibromyalgia and Lower back issue, as well as, a few other life time and past trails I have had to face which have made me stronger and I won't say made my life a better life, because that is all BS, but it has made me wiser. I try to use all these experiences to educate people in order to prevent the younger generation from having to suffer with and through as much.

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