Dream Catcher Reflects:

I am working on a new painting it is a dream catcher on an antique mirror. The idea that popped into my head as I looked into the mirror was Dream Catchers and dreams are similar to mirrors. For the dream catches repel the bad dreams allowing only the Good to pass through and reflect into the mind of the dreamer. Yet, deflects the bad dreams by catching them into the webbing.
Dream Catcher Reflects


3 thoughts on “Dream Catcher Reflects:

    • I have always had a thing for Dream Catchers. I make them, and paint them. I have another painting called “Dream Catchers Dream” it is a face with in a Dream catcher. My mom had it until she passed away and wouldn’t let me sell it, she took claim of it. *smile*. (she is actually the one who named it). This one “Dream Catcher Reflects” I am not sure I am finished with it – I have hit a block..I keep looking at it feeling as if it isn’t finished but thinking if I put anymore on the mirror it will lose the meaning I want it to have. So, it sits in my studio on the easel and awaits my decision.

      • Those meanings will come when they are supposed to, you already know that. Perhaps there is a thought or an experience that will guide you to what should be added. Let your heart tell you when it is done and you can’t be wrong. πŸ™‚

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