In The Eyes of A Hawk


~I don’t manipulate light and shadow. Light shines, and shadows fall. I simply record what I see in my mind’s eye.” -Tim Poulter~

Trinton “TrinityHawk” Garrett, is the owner of and photographer at TrinityHawk Photography & Multimedia. He creates his art under his given name TrinityHawk and he believes that even our lives are pieces of art being created day by day.

Look around you, art is all around us; Every tree, animal, or human being is a piece of the finest art possible which was created and gifted to us by the Great Creator and Mother Earth.

Trinton creates many forms of art focusing on Photography, Digital Airbrush, Computer Abstract Art, Acrylic Paintings, as well as, Poetry. He also Designs and gives Workshops on many different subjects, such as “Empowering One Self”. You can find information about his Marketing information and All Natural Products at Go Green WNY. He feels a need to create beauty in a world that seems to be full of hate and sadness. So, he does his work to teach, to learn, to touch hearts, and/or at least bring a smile to someone’s face. ___________________________________________________________________________

I do take pay pal if your interested in purchasing prints of any of my artwork I post. I also take critics very well, so please feel free to post your opinions and thoughts. My goal for this blog is for it to be interactive!

I want to share my work with others, to share ideas about artwork, to share techniques and styles, as well as, to share events. But, I don’t want it just to be one way – I want feedback from my followers, give me your ideas about artwork and let me know about any new or old techniques and styles you might be using today or you think have gone by the way side.

Until then, safe surfing, healthy blogging, and many blessings. Trinton I hope to see you commenting and following my blog! Trinton