Enlightment Though Art: 9-365

I was responding to a comment on one of my art pieces this morning and I truly believe I was divinely inspired as I wrote.  As I thanked my new friend for complimenting my art work, I went on to try and explain how I am inspired with my my ideas for my creations, instead what flowed out  was a small piece about life’s path and how creating art is like life.

I must thank my friend for opening the door for this opportunity for the divine to speak to me and through me.  I create art from my emotions, from my soul, As I create my work fluctuates changing as I work sometimes changing totally from what I started out for it to mean.   Other times I have to trash what ever I am working on and just start over, this is ok, because I learned a lesson in what I was creating before – What didn’t work – What I didn’t want to create – Perhaps even what i want or need to eliminate.

This is indeed like life – we choose a path, we struggle down this path having it fluctuate as we create our life’s path changing sometimes large changes other times large changes as we create our life path, other times we come to a fork (some forks are multi-forked) and we have to change path all together.    That path may not be the only thing changing in life when we change path We ourselves may change making our struggle seem harder than it really is, if we just let go and let the divine (let the flow of the path flow around us).  

Then again there are some of us who may have to stop – go back to the “beginning” and start all over again with a totally new path all together.  Ok, that is fine we can do that, nothing wrong with it at all.  We Face the new path with knowledge from the old path – what didn’t work – What did work – what we absolutely don’t want to try again –  Perhaps even what we want or need to eliminate from this path all together!  This way we don’t relive those same mistakes on this new path with us, that way we don’t make the same mistakes.

With this knowledge comes Enlightenment and what do we do with the Enlightenment that we have gained?   That is up to each of us who gain the Enlightenment – To me?  It is for us to pass on the knowledge to others reach their own Enlightenment!

Star Child