New Senior Portrait Guide

I have produced a 2015 Senior Portrait Guide you can read it, download it, or print it by clicking the link with in this sentence or by copy and pasting the url below.

Other Photography guides and Guides to my products and art will be up and available soon, please check back often.  If you have any questions or comments, let me know.





Creating New Art:


Been busy within swing shift and commisson art work, plus I got a new phone (HTC EVO 4g through Sprint), doing my best too get use too its! (yup posting from the phone now!!!)

As you see above I also am creating what I call “mobile” art. I have three new art/photography programs on this phone and I am creating pieces in honor of family and friends.

Have no clue how these would print out, as soon as I know I lets you know.

Hope you enjoy them and if you want one created or have and idea send me an email @

Until then keeps safe and keeps creating the world beautiful!

Yin – Yang Twins… 11/365

Through Thick and Thin they grow - Wind and Fire  Elements.

Through Thick and Thin they grow – Wind and Fire Elements.

Our beautiful Girls – We love you very much. Fire and Wind – Two elements which when together they stroke each others energy into great intensity.

These girls have grown up together, gotten into trouble together, gotten each other out of trouble, they have stuck together through thick and thin. They are both growing up to be very bright, responsible, beautiful young ladies that I am one proud pops! I would give anything for these girls!