“Drink Any One”

Drink Any One

Newest Computer Painting – 13/365

Reaching Out

Campaign –  

I have started a Campaign to get a new lap top.  I am offering signed prints in return for donations. The laptop I have is dying and I use it in so many fashions, from my computer paintings, to these very blogs.  I am hoping to get a lap top that is high end processor with maximum ram, so that I can create even better artwork for you my fans.

Please, have a look at the campaign  and share it with your fans.  Every little bit helps and every little bit will be rewarded with at least a 5×7 and larger signed print. If you do not like the print I am offering, please feel free to let me know and I will be glad to let you choose a different print. 

Thank you and Blessings,

Trinton “TrinityHawk” Garrett

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Faceless People – Curtian Hiding The Light

I am working on a book of poetry and photographs that I have taken which will match the poetry I have written.  It is nearly ready to go to the editors to give it a good once over for organizational errors, spelling errors etc.  Then I will send it out to publishers.   There will be poems of humor, romance, darkness, spirituality, etc.  Below, is a sneak peek of the poem and photography that will be in my book titled “A Journey’s Path”.  I hope you enjoy this sneak peek!

Cutians ClosedFaceless People – Curtain Hiding The Light


Faceless people .. nothing but words on a screen… which can you trust and which not…..showing  false faces… which are of the light and which the dark…. some so open their souls laid wide – curtains pulled – for all to see….the dark ones pouncing a feeding frenzy … upon the flesh of the innocent ones.

Hiding among the shadows that has swallowed my soul .. desiring the light that I once knew and still feel deep with in….the light strains to be set free to burst forward and wrap around that special one… to shine through not be masked as a shadow … clouding my eyes… Yet pull the curtains..I must!

Yin – Yang Twins… 11/365

Through Thick and Thin they grow - Wind and Fire  Elements.
Through Thick and Thin they grow – Wind and Fire Elements.

Our beautiful Girls – We love you very much. Fire and Wind – Two elements which when together they stroke each others energy into great intensity.

These girls have grown up together, gotten into trouble together, gotten each other out of trouble, they have stuck together through thick and thin. They are both growing up to be very bright, responsible, beautiful young ladies that I am one proud pops! I would give anything for these girls!

“The Very Sad, Holy Angel”

Holy Angel

11/365 – I was torn between Holy Angel , Sad Angel , and Sacred Angel. I am very pleased with the way this angel turned out. Comments are welcomed. A fan of my work who reads and comments on a regular basis commented on this painting and called it “The Very Sad, Holy Angel” I liked it so much I changed the title from just “Holy Angel”. Thank you Jonathan Hilton for you suggestion.

First Noble Truth – Buddha

The foundation of Buddhism is based on 4 Noble Truths:
The truth of suffering (dukkha)
The truth of the cause of suffering (samudaya)
The truth of the end of suffering (nirhodha)
The truth of the path that frees us from suffering (magga)

I finished this computer painting tonight after doing my meditation and spiritual studies.  I believe I may do a series of these based on the noble truths.

Please feel free to let me know what your opinions are of my painting.

Until Next Time; Safe Surfing, Healthy Marketing, and Many Blessings:

Trinton “TrinityHawk” Garrett


The Eye 16×20 Acrylic

The Eye 16x20 Acrylic

I just recently picked up some new art supplies and decided I wanted to practice painting eyes. So, here I painted an Reptile eye.

What do you think?

Trinton “TrinityHawk” Garrett