Sun Worship


Sun Worship

I did this Computer Abstract today also. I thought I post one more before bed. I use Virtual finger painting to create these paintings. A technique I created myself and is a subject/technique that is simple enough to do

Please, feel free to respond in kind, by word, or in your action.If your interested in this painting or any – I do except pay pal the email is or contact me here on this blog or at

Until then I will be surfing deeply , Creating from my spirit, and sending Many blessings!

Go Green WNY – SEO Marketing Has Moved:

Hello – This is just a quick post, to give you a notice as to why you are finding a “blank” page here.

I decided to split my blogs up – at this moment you are seeing a “blank” blog because this is a brand new fresh start to a blog. You can find all my old blogs and my SEO/Marketing – Go Green information at

I will be posting here about my art work and art work, techniques in the art world, events I am attending, leading, and that I find interesting.

Thanks for visiting and and below you will see the Computer Painting I promised you today. Safe Surfing, Healthy Marketing, and Many Blessings!

abstract computer painting -
abstract computer painting –