Changing Things Around:

I just want to let everyone know: I am changing things around – for the better I hope =)

I am changing the over all site GOGREENWNY to TrinityHawkPhotography heading and will be directing the to domain. 

Once this switch is made all the old links will be dead, so please keep this new domain and Name/heading in mind, if you wish to continue to follow my art and posts updates.  This is going to become my main website not just a blog.  I will be posting my photography, artwork and thoughts about photography and art here.   I also will be posting my spirituality on my other blog: – plus healthy alternative home remedy research information that I have learned since I was a child or that I collect for a book I am working on – on my 

So, please click on those links and join – mark the links above down and check back often so that you don’t get lost in the shuffle.  Much thinks and I will see you around on the other side!




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