New Senior Portrait Guide

I have produced a 2015 Senior Portrait Guide you can read it, download it, or print it!

I have produced a 2015 Senior Portrait Guide you can read it, download it, or print it by clicking the link with in this sentence or by copy and pasting the url below.

Other Photography guides and Guides to my products and art will be up and available soon, please check back often.  If you have any questions or comments, let me know.




Protect yourself – Reblogging

Protect yourself and your “refund” – make sure your photography contract is written properly, or have a lawyer write it up and make sure the area that states “non-refundable” refund is written properly or you could find yourself having to refund the money. – Non-refundable deposit myth (by Jeff Guyer)

Changing Things Around:

I just want to let everyone know: I am changing things around – for the better I hope =)

I am changing the over all site GOGREENWNY to TrinityHawkPhotography heading and will be directing the to domain. 

Once this switch is made all the old links will be dead, so please keep this new domain and Name/heading in mind, if you wish to continue to follow my art and posts updates.  This is going to become my main website not just a blog.  I will be posting my photography, artwork and thoughts about photography and art here.   I also will be posting my spirituality on my other blog: – plus healthy alternative home remedy research information that I have learned since I was a child or that I collect for a book I am working on – on my 

So, please click on those links and join – mark the links above down and check back often so that you don’t get lost in the shuffle.  Much thinks and I will see you around on the other side!



Bullying Is Deadly – Break The Silence

Bullying Is Deadly – Break The Silence.


This video above is just a short video showcasing a few stats and a few of the survivors of bullying.

Today we had our first donation to the Anti-Bully campaign. Ailim Hazel became our first donated and supporter.  She reached the Silver Friend donating $75 and starting us off with a bang.


We also have a couple of people who have said they will be taking the pledge against bullies and bullying .


I hope you will take a moment to click over to the campaign and have a look around. Then hopefully click the link and donate for this wonderful cause and/or take the vow to not.








Simple Gift Be Yours

A Happy Thanksgiving I want to wish you where ever you are on this Earth – I waited to post this and posted it today Black Friday instead of on Thanksgiving because today is when so many FORGET of all the simple gifts that they already have to give thanks for.

So, many gather with their families and friends and give thanks on Thanksgiving and then go out on Black Friday and curse, push each other around just for the last sale item on the shelf – so they can have the most fancy the most expensive Christmas possible. STOP breath in you Thanksgiving thoughts – beliefs – attitude even today, Black Friday. Perhaps step back and let someone ahead of you in that long line? Perhaps let someone have that Doll that is the last Doll on the shelf instead of pushing them out of the way so you can have it.

Remember the blessings within the simple gifts.

May we all find the blessings with in the simple gifts this year.

May you one an all from one said of this Earth to the other be blessed with many simple gifts.


I Have Been WonderGhosted!

I hung out with a friend, another artist, for awhile this afternoon.  We ran a few errands, I showed him my studio and he tried on my black feathered wings (that I have at my studio).  That is when the real fun began.  What do you think is going to happen when two deep thinking artist get together?  LOL Light hearted art of course!!